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Review by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 26 Mar 2012

Passwords protect your online accounts from unauthorized access. But who protects your passwords? If you want the peace of mind associated with the knowledge that your passwords are stored safely, then you need to try the AceBIT-developed Password Depot. This application provides a safe storage space where you can put all your passwords. On top of that, it can protect your files by encrypting them.

The Password Depot installation file is close to 30MB in size. Run the file and you will be able to install Password Depot on a PC powered by Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7. You will get to choose one of multiple supported languages (English, German, Spanish, and French) during the installation process. You will also get to choose between a Full Installation (main program, external file tools and Windows Explorer integration, IE, Firefox and Chrome add-on, Virtual keyboard), Compact Installation (just the main program), or Custom installation (select the features you would like to install on top of the main program).

Password Depot’s interface is similar to Microsoft’s ribbon UI, and that is a good thing; it means that you will easily figure out how to use the application. Speaking of using Password Depot, you must start by creating a password file. You can create the password file on your local system, on a USB storage device, on an internet server, or on a Password Depot server (but only if you have administrative rights on the Password Depot server).

That password file will store all your passwords – it is thus important to properly secure it. You can secure it with a master password, key file, or both. As you type the master password, a quality meter tells you how strong it is and how long it would take to break that password. Enter a strong password and the quality meter will tell you something like “estimated crack time: 483 thousand years.”

Once you have your password file, you can start entering data into Password Depot. This is as simple as clicking the Add button from the top left hand corner and typing all you want in the fields Password Depot puts at your disposal. You don’t have to limit yourself to storing passwords; you can also store things like documents, software licenses, or credit card info with the Password Depot application.

On top of being capable of storing all your passwords (and other things), the Password Depot can also encrypt external files. Self-extracting encrypted files can also be created; these files will be automatically decrypted when the correct password is provided. This sort of functionality comes in handy when you send an encrypted file to someone who does not have Password Depot.

You have a total of 30 days to use Password Depot for free and assess the program’s functionality.

If you’re looking for a properly good password manager that can safely store all your passwords, look no further than Password Depot. This security solution can and will properly protect your data.


Choose between a Custom, Compact, and Full Installation. Easy to use interface that can be customized (play with the position of the top bar, change the color scheme, customize buttons). A quality meter tells you if your password is strong and estimates the amount of time it would take to crack the password. Store passwords, software licenses, credit card data, and other data in Password Depot. Back up Password Depot data, print out data. Top Bar function turns Password Depot’s interface into a bar that you can place anywhere you want on the screen. Export data out of, import data into Password Depot. Encrypt external files, create self-decrypting files. Install Password Depot on a USB stick.


Free to use for a 30-day trial period.

Password Depot


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